Jack Taylor

Week 1 – Student Interview – Corinne Sampson

Corinne Sampson is a Dance major and CSULB. She recently changed her major from a BA in Dance to a BA option Dance Science. She is now taking kinesiology and anatomy courses in order to go to graduates school and become a physical therapist. Corinne is very interesting in not only why the body moves but how the body moves. She loves to dive into the anatomy of the body and learn all of the functions and little details about why a certain muscle has a certain action and how it can help her in her dancing. Corinne is excited to now focus her studies at CSULB in the feild that interests her most.

Corinne showing off her pointe work and long lines

Corinne showing off her pointe work and long lines

I’ve known Corinne for about 3 years and she is the most caring person you will ever meet. Her infectious personality and fun sense of humor really makes you want to hang out with her and have a good time. Corinne’s free spirit and good energy makes it hard not to enjoy being around her. Corinne to me is like the modern day hippie. She is very easygoing and loves everyone. One of Corinne’s favorite things to do is play her ukulele and get everyone to sing along with her.

Corinne is no stranger to art. On her down time Corinne enjoys painting and drawing. She has never taken classes or done any training for it but has a natural sense of color and flow. I love Corinne’s art because of all of the colors she uses. I’m always personally drawn to art with a lot of colors because my eye is instantly caught and interested in how the artist uses the colors. Corinne’s art always makes me happy and I’m always amazed at her talents with a paint brush or pencil.


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