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Like I explained last week, we had the privilege at CSULB of housing the Greater Los Angeles Masters of Fine Arts Exhibition. Also like I explained last week I was not able to actually interview the artist. All of this stays true to this week as well. But I did look up information on the artist I chose to “interview” so I could get an idea of what her esthetic is. This week I walked into the gallery and instantly knew that I had to pick Shiva Aliabadi’s artwork entitled Traces II. Like i said in my last student interview with Corinne Sampson, I’m very drawn to color. This piece doesnt have multiple different colors in it, but the electric blue instantly grabbed my attention. The artwork made me interested in the process of making the art, what materials she used, and how it was created.

Aliabadi’s materials are actually very simple. She used Holi powder on the floor and adhesive roll on the wall. The most interesting thing I find about it is how it is duplicated on the wall and the floor. Before I read what Aliabadi’s purpose for the art was I felt like it was very obvious that both of the rectangles are the same thing twice, but they are almost remixes of each other. It is not an exact replica or refection on the wall and on the floor, but the imagery reads that they are the same entity.

Close up of Shiva Aliabadi’s Traces II

Close up of Shiva Aliabadi’s Traces II

After researching Shiva Aliabadi it turns out that I wasnt too far off from what her intentions were for the piece. “Powered works, such as Traces II, reveal traces in the gallery or studio environment; they are ephemeral instances of presence and testament of other installations now gone, that disappear during de-installation.” I find it very interesting that she plays with the idea of almost foreshadowing what will be left behind after this piece has left the gallery. I’ve never thought about what happens to the art when it leaves the gallery and what an impact it makes physically and emotionally on a gallery.





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