Jack Taylor

Week 2 – Instagram Activity

This week our art activity was to post 4 photos to the app instagram and see what we all have in common. Are we all different? Are we all the same? Is there any commonality between the 150 students in the Tuesday/Thursday Art 110 class?

My initial thought was that we were going to be very connected as a class. I found that we are not as much of a community as I thought we were going to be. I thought that because we are all around the same age and attend the same school that there would be more of a constant theme of pictures. Yes there were multiple pet pictures and selfies that were similar, but as a whole I feel that the only thing that linked everyone is the fact that we all attend CSULB. Looking through the #Art110F14 on almost every line there was a photo relating to CSULB. Whether it was a student sitting in a classroom, or posing with the GO BEACH sign, or someone creepily taking a picture of other students on campus. This was the only thing that I felt connected every single classmate.

Everyone on instagram has their own life and post what interests them. The point of instagram is to make your own portfolio of images that you want to share with your circle of people that follow you, and a couple strangers that will maybe come across your photos. Very similar to the point of these blogs that we make everyweek. You get the freedom to post whatever you want and display it how you want people to see it. Now after having some time to think about it, it makes perfect sense why we are not very connected as a unit. We are all very different and live our own lives. We all have different majors and different interests that set us all apart from one another. If we were all interested in the same thing than when your scrolling through the home page on instagram it would be very boring. Because we are all different thats why apps like this exist and thrive. People get to post what they want how they want it to look and show off what they’re doing or just post an interesting pic they found on the internet. Whatever you post is yours and no one can take it away from you.

Ultimately I do feel that we are community, but it is a very broad community with a lot of different people within it that make the community more interesting and exciting by not all being the same person

Here’s a couple pics from my Instagram

 IMG_2226 IMG_2279


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