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I had a great time interviewing Michelle Morte. She is a third year at CSULB. Her major is Film and Electric Arts where she eventually wants to produce and write her own films. She specializes in the history of broadcasting. This is where she watches sitcoms set in the 50’s like M.A.S.H. and I Love Lucy and analyze how these shows represent a different way of living, in comparison to shows like Modern Family which represent sitcoms of the 2000’s.

Michelle and I hit it off while interviewing eachother. Even though I had just met her I felt like we were close friends just chatting about our lives. We often went off topic and would tangent away from telling eachother facts about ourselves. I found this to be the best part of our interview because it was an easy conversation. Neither of us were trying to get through an interview and write down some details to never think about again until we had to figure out how to make our partner sound good in a blog post. I felt like we could of kept talking and never run out of topics to discuss.

Fun selfie with Michelle Morte

Fun selfie with Michelle Morte

One interesting thing about Michelle is that she has her own production company called Morte Film Company. This is one step that Michelle has made to pursue her dreams of writing and producing her own films. She recently just finished her first project entitled “Reflections” about a girl who goes into a diner and starts reflecting on her life by using the people in the diner.

Michelle prefers to produce films in an indie genre. She likes the artistic freedom that goes with labeling yourself as an indie artist. We discussed how its similar to my passion of dance where if you are a contemporary dancer you get more artistic freedom to explore new horizons in comparison to being only a ballet dancer and doing ballet all the time. Her example in film was that if you decide to start a sitcom and make it a comedy than it has to consistently stay funny in comparison to an indie project where you can have a funny sitcom and than do a serious film and than switch back to a lighthearted romantic musical. “Whatever you feel like doing you can produce it. You aren’t stuck in one field”

So how I normally get pictures for my student interviews is I friend request them on facebook and take pictures from their profile pictures. But Michelle doesn’t have a facebook as her social media. Her main source of social networking is through twitter. She has a twitter account for her production company Morte Film Company. This twitter is where she receives submissions from strangers that submit scripts and she decides whether or not she is going to produce them. She recently received a script that she is interested in and considering to produce called “The Way of the World”

I loved interviewing Michelle Morte this week and am excited to say that I have a new friend at CSULB!



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  1. Morte & Taylor set a new bar for portrait photography.


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