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This was our first week not having GLAMFA housed at CSULB. This week it was all CSULB students showcasing their work in the galleries. I chose Christopher Vavrek’s instillation in the Gatov Gallery. Unfortunately he was not at theIMG_2322 gallery so even though he attends the school and I was supposed to be able to do an official interview, this will be my third week in a row where I was unable to interview the artist. So I will give my opinion and and talk about what I thought about his work.

I really found it fascinating. When I first walked in and saw all of the computer screens and wires and projections on the walls and it was very overwhelming. It felt like I could of been in a horror film and I was just lured into a trap. But than as I started walking through the installation I started actually looking at all of the products used and was quitIMG_2305e impressed with the range of electrical things used in the installation. I really enjoyed being in side there also because I felt like all of the towers and colors mixed together to create this blue screen effect in the entire building and I forgot that i was at CSULB galleries trying to find some interesting art to put on my blog. I was really transported into a world of old technology all breaking down and also being built on top of eachother. I was thinking what kind of people could live here? Does anything live here? Or is it just a lot of old run down computer screens and projectors in a sad world with no more meaning to their life?

Corinne Sampson becoming one with all the technology

Corinne Sampson becoming one with all the technology

I also felt like the installation had a really good sense of flow in the placement and set up of the computers. I felt like it made the gallery seem so much large because having all of the different pathways seemed to increase the surface area of the space and allow more places to explore and find new items inside of the exhibit. I really enjoyed walkingIMG_2307 through and taking pictures of all the little things I saw inside the installation.

Overall I really felt like this art was truely unique and something worthy of writing in my blog. I love that every week we gIMG_2318et to see such different and interesting art and get challenged on what we consider to be artistic. Because someone could of easily walked in and said everything in here is trash and needs to be picked up and put away. But when you look at how Christopher specifically placed all of the computer and laptops and projections so that it would hit all of the surfaces of the room, thats what really made me feel that I went into another world. It was completely its own entity and captured my attention because of how different and consistent it stayed with its theme of computers.

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