Jack Taylor


IMG_2367Maccabee Shelley is the artist I chose the to interview this week. This was the first week that I got to personally interview the artist. But surprisingly I found it quite hard to interview the artist. I had a hard time figuring out who the artist was in a sea of people and I also had a hard time getting to have a meaningful conversation with Maccabee. There where about 8 other people standing next to me asking questions and While i was chatting with him and I wasnt able to really connect and converse with him about his art. I did get some interesting commentary from him but I was hoping that since we were actually able to physically talk to the artists this wIMG_2362eek that I would have a different connection to the art but I felt that it was similiar to the other weeks where I was unable to converse with the artists.

Needless to say. Wow, what an amazing repertoire of work that Maccabee Shelley presented to us this past Thursday. The moment I walked into the gallery I knew that I had to interview the artist who made such amazing glass sculptures. I took so many pictures this week because I loved everything about IMG_2366Maccabee’s art.

One of the most interesting things that Maccabee said was that he chooses glass because: 1) its an easy material to collect and 2) because “Glass is not as blunt as the English language” he feels that he can be expressive with glass. And I totally agree. All of the pieces he presented I felt had their own story and each had their own journey into how they became the work of art that they aIMG_2369re today.

I think my favorite part of Maccabee’s work is all of the layering of glass and different colors he uses. Like I’ve said before in my other posts, color really draws me in and I’m instantly drawn to it. His color palates are interesting because some of them are see through so you don’t just see the color directly infront of you but you can also see the colors behind and to the side because of the glass qualities.

The other thing i found interesting that Maccabee said was all the different elements of IMG_2378glass. He mentioned that it can shatter easily, can be sharp and smooth at the same time, and can withstand heat. I loved when he was describing that glass can be so strong yet so fragile at the same time. All of his art looks like this. I feel like they are such powerful statements but at the some time you feel like you are being very careful not to get too close or bump into them because of the shatter element. It fascinates me the psychology behind it where something can be so beautiful and so ugly and be so sturdy and breakable at the same time.


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