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This week I had the privilege of interviewing Sam Gold. Sam is a freshman here at CSULB and is loving his first four weeks of college. Still getting used to his roommate, but is loving all of the fun opportunities he has had so far at CSULB especially in his ART 110 class!

Sam is a Marketing Major at CSULB and wants to eventually be a director of marketing or in a CEO position in a marketing branch. He likes to work in groups and be able to oversee everything that is going on in a project that he would lead with his team. He preferably would want to work for one company than work for multiple companies and have to do all of the marketing for different companies.

Since attending his first four weeks of college he joined a club called the American Marketing Association. Works perfectly with his major, no? He is excited to be a part of this club because at the end of the year there is a huge competition between CSULB and other universities. The competition takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana and all of the universities create a marketing campaign for the same product and the best marketing campaign wins. He is excited to be attending this year and is hoping to bring home the win for CSULB.

Sam was a bit disappointed at the week of welcome that there was not a single swim club or swim team on campus. He is a Red Cross Varsity Life Guard and was on swim team in high school. So he has plans of starting a swim team next year for people who know and don’t kn0w how to swim.

While we were chatting he asked me if I had any advice for him to think about while he attends school. The thing I told him to do is get involved on campus. Similar to what Glenn Zucman was talking about how if you just show up to class and leave without making meaningful friends or getting involved on campus in some way than did you even attend the school. I feel that Sam has already done a good job doing this, even before I told him my advice, and will continue to get more involved at CSULB as his years continue.


Selfie Nation with a photo bomb by Michelle Morte

Selfie Nation with a photo bomb by Michelle Morte

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