Jack Taylor


IMG_2437This week in the galleries was all photography. I find photography very interesting because it is a still image in time that can never fully be recreated or crafted twice. At the same time I find that photography doesn’t move me as much as a sculpture or a painting does. I love photography and would want to hang it up in my room but it doesn’t always make me feel something.

The cool thing about this week was my old roommate Colin Thompson had his photography on display. I IMG_2436preferred Colin’s photographs the most not only because he is my friend, but also because he manipulated his art into something different that i had never seen before.

Colin decided to change the presentation of his photography. He took it off the wall and put it on a pedestal and laid it horizontal instead of the typical vertical image. This made it more sculptural and automatically drew my attention because it was in the middle of the room and not on the wall. He also played with presentation by bending the image and giving it a geometric form so that it was more three IMG_2434dimensional. He said that he wanted to play with geometric shapes in his apartment that are in the photographs and also on the actual image itself.

What I found really interesting was that he told me that there was an accident when he was printing. The nostrils to the printer clogged and changed the colors on the image. I think that the colors of the photograph is the best part of the presentation and had said that because it was a complete accident that his photograph is one of a kind and can never be replicated. I found that to be pretty awesome.

Over all if if were to write down on paper the IMG_2432qualities of this piece. That its off the wall, bent, printer malfunction, and lying horizontal instead of vertical you would think that this would be a very sad and potentially awful picture. but with out all of these qualities it would just be another picture on the wall blending into everything around it. I really find Colin’s photographs to be pretty awesome and cant wait to see what else he is going to show in the future.

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