Jack Taylor


Jack Taylor

This week we dabbled with the idea of becoming someone else or dressing up like someone that isn’t who you normally are on a day to day basis. When I first heard the assignment I was a little concerned because I was thinking how am I going to be like someone else when all of my clothing are things that I use identify myself.  So I asked my roommate if I could raid her closet and try to find something that I could wear that would be comepletely different from myself. I found a tee-shirt that was all black with an image of a white face on it. I was on a role. Than I went through my own closet and tried to find clothing that I don’t wear very often or hardly ever wear. After i picked everything out I became even more concerned because none of the clothing seemed to match each other. All of it was different styles and seemed to belong to a different person and didnt add up to one identity. After a lot of changing and mix matching clothes I finally came up with my fake identity, Steve Jacobson. I didn’t really find a major to go a long with my persona so I thought I would be undeclared.

Steve Jacobson

As I went around campus asking people what they thought my major was, I got a lot of art major or theatre major. My initial intension was to be a little less artsy since I have such an artistic major to begin with. But I guess I can never get away from the arts even in a different personality. I had a lot of fun “dressing up” as Steve for the day. It was very interesting because I thought that I would feel a little bit more comfortable doing the project since its all my clothing except for my roommates tee-shirt, but I felt a little awkward in my own skin. I was really pretending to be someone else. When I talked to people I tried to act like someone I wasn’t and it was hard for me to fully tap into the character. I think it was partially because I didn’t make up my character, I was relying on other people to tell me what they thought my major was so until I got that answer I was just a person with some clothes on walking up to strangers and starting random conversations.

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