Jack Taylor


This week I interviewed Ashley Braden. She was an interesting person to interview. She didn’t have a lot to say about herself except for some facts about herself and things that interests her in life. But I couldn’t really get any deeper than that with her.


She is a Communications Major here at CSULB and I quote, she plans to “Communicate with the World”

She has a pet squirrel from the original cast of squirrels from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just like the character Veruca Salt. Her pet squirrels name is Little Biscuit

Her hobbies include: shopping, going to Los Angeles to hang out with her friends, and checking her twitter following

Her favorite celebrities are: Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, and Beyoncé

She was in toddlers and tiaras when she was 10 years old and won Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme. She is now continually doing her pageants and wants to be Miss America. Her pitch is that she is really dedicated to saving the planet.

She is in the sorority Delta Gamma and loves all of her sisters. She pledged when she was a freshman and is now a junior and still loves the sorority.

Her sophomore year she decided to study abroad. She went to Iceland, Figi, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Cabo, France, Russia, and India all in one year to study communications and learn to “Communicate with the World”

For her junior year she wants to take it easy and find true love. Shes hoping that it will be love at first sight and that he will be somewhere in the top 20 of hottest male celebrities.

That’s Ashley Braden for ya. Shes quite a character.


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