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IMG_2466This week in the galleries I chose a sculpture by Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin. It was a collaboration that created a beautiful result. The funny thing is this is the second week in a row that I know the artist. Isaiah is actually one of my really good friends that I’ve known since I was about 10 years old. It was nice being able to chat with him about his sculpture he created with his colleagues.

I find this sculpture to be so beautifully crafted. I asked Isaiah what the title of the piece was and he said there’s no official title but while they were making the sculpture they called it “Snow” which I think is the perfect explanation for this piece. It is so hauntingly cold and vulnerable. Because of the body looks so limp but also like they are cringing at the same time. To me it doesn’t look like someone was sleeping or resting it looks like someone that has fallen down and hasn’t gotten up or is too weak to move from their position. I feel like the white really impacts my decision and the fact that there is just enough detail for you to tell it is a person but there’s not enough detail to tell how the person is feeling emotionally. I find that to be the strongest part of this piece. IMG_2467

Isaiah was telling me that they actually used his body and they scanned him lying on the floor and than had a machine create the sculpture. His group wanted to play with technology and see how they can fabricate something without their hands. They still made a lot by hand but they wanted to dabble with what technology can do. He said that it really helped cut down the amount of time it would have taken to create their sculpture. IMG_2471

They also had a horn in the snow but off to the side and not specifically affiliated with the major piece. I felt that this was a little unnecessary. I felt that It was randomly put there and the sculpture with the lying body was strong enough to stand alone. I was also just wondering what animal is this horn from? Does it live in the same place as Snow? I asked Isaiah and he also didn’t have much to say about their relationship.

Check out Isaiah’s Facebook to see his other sculptures


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