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I had a great time interviewing Mr. Stephen Lozano. This was actually not the first time we meet. We met during the first week of school and he typically sits behind me and my friend Corinne Sampson in class. So this week i was looking for someone to interview and I was thinking I should interview Stephen because we have already introduced ourselves to each other but I don’t know anything about him other than his name.

IMG_2465Stephen is a freshman here at CSULB and he is loving the campus after 6 weeks of being in school. He said initially he had a hard time with time management but now he’s gotten into the flow and figured out his schedule so he’s more on top of his assignments.

Stephen has a passion for making tee-shirts and skateboards. He has made several already and also hashis own label and logo called Black and White. He eventually wants to open up his own business to sell his tee-shirts and skateboards. As we chatted he said he would want his merchandise solScreen Shot 2014-10-05 at 12.37.39 PMd at retail stores as well so that Black and White can be a well known brand. On all of his tee-shirts he likes to have a paradox behind them. He mentioned that one of them has a bombshell with sunflowers growing out of it symbolizing that we can’t have peace without war. Did I mention all of the artwork on hisshirts are his own drawings. I bet he was pretty stoked about this weeks activity considering he is an artist.


Stephen’s major is Business Management with a minor in Arts. He strategically planned his major and minor so that he will be able to open his own business with his own merchandise in it and be able to improve his artistic abilities to make his tee-shorts original. Pretty smart if you ask me. He is very dedicated to making Black and White his priority and is taking all the right steps in order to make it happen.

Go check out Stephen’s Blog!!


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