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So this week is painting week. But instead of doing it with normal paint and brushes we are using spray paint. This week we became graffiti artists and drew out our name in bubble letters. I did my project with Corinne Sampson and our adventure started at Micheal’s arts and craft store. We bought a blue and black spray can and were ready to go. We also messed around and took some photos with the flowers.

We got back to Corinne’s apartment and than we  were on the hunt to find something for us to paint on. We found a strange piece of wood that IMG_2565someone had left by their trashcans and we thought it would be the perfect canvas for our names.

We did Corinne’s name first and she used her nick name, Cory, because she thought her full name wouldn’t fit. Lucky for us we got a little extra white and black spray paint from Corinne’s neighbor because he is a painter. He heard us shaking the cans and walked outside and said I thought I heard some graffiti artists out here. We told him about our project and it turned out that the wood we picked was the wood he left out by his trashcans. He went back inside his apartment to graciously give us two more cans of IMG_2560paint. So essentially without him we wouldn’t of been able to do half of our project. It was awesome how helpful he was.

Now it was my turn! I went to use the blue can and I got one dot and it ran out. So I switched to the white can and same thing. Unfortunately the wood kept absorbing Corinne’s paint so she ended up using all of the blue and white paint so that you could see her letters. We still had black! So I worked with what I had left and used every last drop to make my bubble letter graffiti.

I actually really liked how it turned out. I wasn’t IMG_2559very good at the bubble letter so I decided to go with a more angular letter. After I drew out my name I was trying to think with my limited amount of paint how I could add dimension. Corinne suggested I out line the entire thing with an extra layer of black. I thought it popped out a lot more after outlining it.

It was super fun doing this project and Corinne and I definitely have a new hobby. We will definitely be using spray paint more often for projects or just to paint in general because we had so much fun doing this project.

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