Jack Taylor


Loved this crazy circus tent of scariness. It was very fitting for the upcoming holiday. This exhibit was quite chilling but also very calming at theIMG_2547 same time. Unfortunately Kenita Hale was not there for me to interview her but the Daily49er did an interview with her so I got more insight on her thesis and inspiration of her work.

First thing that was really hard not to notice was the circus tent that you had to enter before being able to see the art. It really set the scene that you were entering a new world or a different entity.  I couldn’t see inside of the tent because of the black scrim so I had no idea what I was entering. It had a good sense of suspense to it that I really enjoyed.

Once I entered through the tent I was shocked at what I had just gotten myself into. I initially couldn’t tell what I was lookiIMG_2548ng at. My eyes had to adjust because of the lack of light inside the tent but the candles provided enough light that I could see multiple tomb stones paying homage to several individuals. From reading her interview on the Daily49er I found out that all the characters were considered circus freaks and were punished for being different. She wanted to bring a better light to these “freaks” and almost put them on a pedestal.

I found her choice of creating a dark and shadowy environment to bring her characters to life was very interesting. She provided what toIMG_2537 me looked like yoga cards with information on each of the individuals and who they were. I had a hard time reading the cards so I didn’t know what the specific freakish natures were of each character. But from the plaster castings I could tell that they were not the popular kids on the block. Each individual had their own medical condition which caused an exterior deformity on their face to make people want to not be near them. Strangers would verbally abuse them about something they had no control over. These “freaks” then ended up being put on a stage for the world to see them and get even more ridiculed.



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