Jack Taylor


This week I interviewed Andy Aragon. He happens to be another member of Plastic Castle. I had similar conversations with each of the band members but Andy’s career path is slightly different than Anthony’s.

Andy is a Psychology major. He became interested in this field because he used to go to therapy sessions as a child and said that it helped him. Because of his previous sessions he started to find a fascination in evaluating people. He also feels that with his major it sets him up for a nice desk job where you get to care and help others.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.42.59 PMEven though Andy is very interested in the human brain, his ultimate goal is to be a musician and sees psychology as more of a back up plan. He is very invested in creating his own music with his other band members of Plastic Castle. Andy wanted to be a music major but couldn’t at CSULB because he plays bass guitar and the music department only has a classical section. Basically Andy is just too edgy for the department. Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.42.37 PM

Andy really likes the recording aspect of music but finds the most joy out of what he called “live sound” which is basically just performing live. We related on that aspect with my dancing because I was saying how much joy I get out of performing live on a stage or even in a small venue in comparison to filming a dance project. The adrenaline rush you get out of it is incomparable. He said that he likes to see the audience’s response right as its happening. It gives him a better sense of how to play his music. Getting to see it happen immediately is why he prefers live sound to recording sound.

So Plastic Castle is a pretty cool band and have some pretty sweet tracks but Andy was telling me that they wish they had their own recording studio. He was saying that they only get a limited amount of time in the studio so they have to do a lot of prepping before they get in the studio. He told me that it robs a lot of their experimenting that they like to do in the studio. When we were talking about that I told him its similar to me and dance where sometimes we get limited time in the dance studio so when you do get the space it feel more like you are just checking to make sure what you already planned out in your head works instead of being able to play around and improvise.

All in all Andy is a pretty cool Psychologist Musician and like I said last week I’m excited to work with them on a project in the near future.



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