Jack Taylor


I had a great time chatting with Brian Davis this week. He was such a chill, down to earth guy who seemed to really be invested in his art and his passion for creating these beautiful glass sculptures.

I walked around the gallery with Corinne and we were talking about how the IMG_2641sculptures reminded us of little amoeba looking structures. And we also compared one of the more odd shaped sculptures to the trachea and we laughed because we felt like weird anatomy freaks. We really enjoyed the glass effect too and ended up turning off the lights because one of the sculptures had neon lights glowing from the inside and we wanted to get the full effect. We also used our flashlights on our phones to see through the sculptures and found really interesting bubbles on the inside of the sculpture that we couldn’t see if we hadn’t done so. After all of that we went up and chatted with Brian.

We hesitantly told him that we were playing around with the lights and said that IMG_2642we loved his sculptures after adding another element into seeing them. He responded by saying that he actually prefers for his audience to interact with the art and not just look at it make an opinion about it without experiencing it. He said that was one of the reasons he presented his work “in the round” so that you could see everything about it. We felt more comfortable after hearing that.

As we were talking about his work he ended up saying that the sculptures represented frames and what you see inside of them. The frames also were supposed to be monitor screens. Ultimately showing you a window into something with a narrow amount of information. I liked that he said that you look into a monitor IMG_2600and it shows you things you have never seen before. But, in order to do that you have to sit down either on a couch or chair to experience it instead of actually physically doing it. He said that it is his take on how beautiful and corrupt these windows of knowledge are. He said that he went from watching television 6 hours a day to having no cable and exploring the world and he would never go back. I found that very interesting because I had never thought of a TV or monitor in that way before. I always thought of how they are connecting us to each other through social media and showing whats happening in other countries but its actually pulling us apart and making us less able to get out there and experience the beauty of the outside world.

Pulling this blog post together, I would say that Brian Davis is an amazing artist with more than just cool glass sculptures. He is actually telling a story and trying to help the community with his art.

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