Jack Taylor


I found Dana’s exhibit to be quite interesting. She had sequenced objects on top of white pedestals. But the pedestals were objects as well. Like a cat scratcher and a DVD player with an end table on top of it to present these crazy colorful sequenced objects. I felt that the contrast between the two was what I found visually to be the most interesting thing about it.   IMG_2711IMG_2713

What I thought was even more interesting was her process of choosing the objects to sequence. Everything in her show was from thrift stores. And the objects that were sequenced were objects that she asked the loading dock guys and the security guards to pick out for her. She gave them 40 bucks and told them to pick out as many objects as they could with that amount of money. After retrieving her objects she meticulously put on every sequence using a special tweaser technique that she developed over the course of her process.

I had a couple questions for Dana on the final presentation. I asked her if she ever considered doing a pedestal completely sequenced and one of the objIMG_2710ects painted white just to throw off the unison of her exhibit. She said she definitely considered but it came down to time constraint. She would of liked to try to do one pedestal completely different but it takes a long time to sequence one object and most of her objects are smaller than the pedestals so it wouldn’t have been done in time. Also once she puts on the sequence there’s no turning back. She couldn’t of painted white over it because it wouldn’t fit with the other pedestals just being painted white.

I also asked her if she ever planned to keep the pedestals in their “natural” state and present them with no paint on them. She said that she always had in mind that she would manipulate them so that they looked more like pedestals. I actually didn’t even notice that they weren’t normal pedestals until I saw the cat stratcher. Only then did I start to realize that the pedestals were objects.

I felt that Dana put on a beautiful show with glamor and simplicity all in one act!

I actually was inspired by Dana to sequence some objects myself. I don’t have any pumpkin carving utensils and I already had a bunch of sequence in my house so I decided to do pumpkin sequencing instead of pumpkin carving.


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