Jack Taylor


I had a great time interviewing Maeghan. She actually came up to me last week and asked to interview me but I already had interviewed Sarra Beauzil. So I told her to find me this week at the galleries.

Maeghan is a sophomore at CSULB but she has a ton of units and will be caught in between a sophomore and junior by next semester. Shes majoring in Criminal Justice and wants to be a Homicide Detective. When she first told me what she wanted to do with her major she didnt say homicide she just said detective. So the first thing I thought of was Sherlock Holmes. Right as I was about to ask her if she wanted to be him she specified to homicide. So I lost my window to ask. She also has a minor in forensics.

She became interested in this field because she lived with her grandma when she was about 9 years old and she would always watch CSI with her grandma. She loved watching it and knew at a young age that she wanted to do the same thing.

The ultimate goal for Maeghan is to be chief detective in whatever city she ends up living in. She kept mentioning that she wanted to make a name for herself but not in a popularity contest. Maeghan wants to be known for her actions in helping her city. She wants to have some political power over her city so that she can make a recreational rehabilitation center. She wants to create a community center for people who were convicted so that they can get jobs. We talked about how people tend to be labeled as something and tend to accept whatever their label is. People that are convicted feel that they can never get their label off their backs so she wants to help them.

We eventually got off topiIMG_2757c of majors and started talking IMG_2758about her art. She said that she likes to paint sing and perform in plays. She also said that shes been going line dancing at In-cahoots and is trying to get her boyfriend to go with her.



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