Jack Taylor


Loved chatting with Romina. I can tell just from having a brief conversation with her on Thursday that she is very spiritual, down to earth, and a gentle human being.

IMG_2810I really enjoyed the way that she displayed her drawings. Hanging them with      paper clips was very raw and I felt that it worked with how raw the images were. I asked her if she planned on displaying her work in this fashion from the beginning and she laughed and said that its the cheapest way to hang pictures that she likes. Me and my friend Corinne were telling her that it didn’t look inexpensive and we actually preferred it hung with clips. We said if they were fraIMG_2808med and hung they would have a different feeling than being completely uncovered and hung.

I was really interested in her process. She said that all of her models were people that she had personal relationships with. They are all her friends that she knows well and asked them to be the models for her drawings. She said most of the time she would be having a conversation with them on the couch and see them in the perfect position and tell them to not move while she was pulling out her charcoal to start drawing them. I found that very interesting how she didn’t have any sort of preconceived idea of how she wanted them “posed”. She said that she liked working with such spontaneity because it was more natural. IMG_2812Normally when she tells someone to do a certain pose it doesn’t have the same amount of ease as when the model poses them self in a natural way.

She also presented one self portrait in her exhibit this week. I loved just like with all the other drawings how raw it is. I know I’ve used the word “raw” a lot but that’s the main word that keeps coming up. I just loved how everything about Romina and her art is very natural with no added sparkles, bells, or whistles. Just raw art.

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