Jack Taylor


IMG_2859This week I stepped into a nature filled space created by Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune. Lacy unfortunately was not there for me to interview so I didn’t get to hear her point of view on what the two of these artists created but Angie was there to represent for both of them.IMG_2858

I loved how once I walked in I instantly felt like I had walked into another world. Someplace very nice and peaceful. I don’t know if it was the grass in the corner or the materials used in the exhibit but I even felt felt that the air smelled fresher which added to the whole appeal of going into another space. That’s one of the things I really likIMG_2855ed about this art was that I didn’t feel like I walked into a gallery. I felt like I walked into a place where nothing was put on display for me to examine. Everything was a part of the space and meant to be there.

Angie explained that the main concept of this exhibit was time and how we spend our time. Angie and Lacy focused on the idea of breaking the Western idea of getting things done as quickly as possible. They wanIMG_2856ted to slow down, “forget about it, and enjoy what’s infront of us”. They wanted to focus on the paradigms that nature sets for us as humans and magnify how slowing down and enjoying things instead of rushing through is the best way to go. They both like the idea of things taking time to grow and not being instantly man made. They took the same process while crafting this exhibit and took their time to put everything together. Nothing was rushed and everything had a purpose, just like in nature. IMG_2853

I initially thought was that the exhibit was focusing more on the nature side and showing how beautiful nature is. After chatting with Angie and hearing that they actually used nature more as an outlet than the reason for the exhibit, I went back in look at details that I didn’t catch the first time through and saw where they really played with timing of things and I could see more of the crafted work. Angie and Lacy wanted to show how taking our time really is the best way to go and we should incorporate it more in our daily living and I think they succeeded

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