Jack Taylor


I had a great time chatting with Arianda. I Approached her at the galleries and she was kind of started by it. She says that she normally doesnt have people approach her she normalley goes and finds another person to interview. Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 9.12.59 PM

What I found out about Arianda’s that she is a Hospitality Management Major. When she first told me her major I was confused and acted like I knew what it was but I had no clue. So I asked what she wanted to do with her major to see if i could pick up cues of what she does by knowing what the ultimate dream job would be. She explained that she is having a hard time picking what she wants to do because her major is very broad. She went on to describe that she wants to work at a hotel but is interested in creating her own time share but is also wanting to open up her own spa with attached cafe or work on a cruise line. With all of these different and very specific jobs I was still confused on what she took as courses at CSULB so I ended up blowing my cover and asking what her exact major is. She told me that it has to do with all different types of hospitality. The business side, culinary side, and dorming side all come into play when it comes to what courses she takes. I found it really interesting because I didnt even know that this was a major. I almost wanted to change my major to hospitality management after talking to her. She actually came to CSULB as a business major and was going to essentially create her own major by taking classes geared towards hospitality but then her adviser told her that there is a major for it and she switched right away. 

I just loved chatting with Arianda and felt like I knew her really well by the end of the conversation. She has a super infectious personally and was very easy to talk to. I cant wait to see what avenue Arianda decides to chose as her career.



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