Jack Taylor


Once I walked into the Gavot East/West gallery i knew right away that I wanted to choose Jeff Dulla’s painting. Unfortunately similar to the first two weeks of school he was not present for me to do a direct interview. Luckily there was an artist booklet that had his point of view so I got a taste of what his inspiration was behind creating this piece.IMG_2915

He really wanted to capture how we as human beings take advantage of the earth and basically destroy the natural beauty of it. I feel that it is very obvious in this painting where the destruction is. I like his use of color and how it does still structurally flow even though the natural green and blue that you would typically see in this type of landscape are gone or in the incorrect spots. “The style I commit to can be categorized as surreal visionary landscape”. I feel that this is very prominent in his work. And also IMG_2917works very well. He has a very nice way of creating a world that invigorates the audience.

I personally love this painting. Corinne and I were talking that we both want this painting in or apartments so we can look at it all the time. I felt that Jeff created something in his work that instantly caught my attention and also made me think of what lives inIMG_2914 this world and what would they look like? Could I go there? Where is this located and is there a way for me to travel there? When I start to question things about the art but in a way where I completely understand everything and want to be a part of it is when I connect with it. I think that because I connected with it so well that makes this a very successful painting. 

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