Jack Taylor


This week I was pretty early to class so I figured I would do my student interview before the galleries opened so that I could walk in before everyone else started crowding them. I walked up to another person who was early and he said that he remembered me. I thought he meant from Art110 but we actually had met before at a mutual friends bowling party and I forgot who he was until I interviewed him.

His name is Austin NaScreen Shot 2014-11-23 at 11.22.40 AMud and he is a sophomore business major at CSULB. I asked him what he wanted to do with his major after school and he said he didnt really have a huge desire of a major so he picked business just to get a degree. He was very quiet and kinda kept to himself.

Something I found out that was pretty interesting is that his Grandmother is French and lives in France. He is a quarter french. His family goes every three years because his father has two other siblings and every year they switch off. I asked him where the best places to go in France are and he said you have to go to Paris. Its more on the touristy side and i was hoping he would of said something that only the locals would know about but he insisted that Paris is the place to go.

Austin is also really into soccer. He played at a competitive level throughout high school. During our conversation he said that he wished there was a soccer team at CSULB. I asked if there was a soccer club and if he considered joining. He responded with there is a club but its not great and he would rather not join the team.


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