Jack Taylor


IMG_2973This week we were back at the galleries after a long thanksgiving break. We came back to some really exciting exhibits. The artist I chose to interview was Troy Rousenville.

As I was outside doing my student interview with Shannon Choi I could hear a pounding sound. I was wondering what was happening and was excited to find out. Corinne ran over and said you have to see this gallery so me and Shannon had to cut our interview a little short. IMG_2975

As I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery I saw all these instruments playing themselves. There seemed to be no sense of rhythm to it so I figured there was some sort of timer tricked into the wires. I walked around and then walked out and when I ran into Michelle Morte she said did you go into IMG_2985the room. Corinne and I were confused and didn’t realize there was a room you had to go into. When we went inside we found out that there were receptors inside the room that controlled the instruments and that’s why the sounds were intermittent.

After talking to Troy I asked him if he wanted his audience to find out that they were in charge of the music. The drum wasIMG_2986 the most obvious. When you passed by the specific receptor for the drum you could hear it very easily. The other instruments had a drowning quality to them and didn’t have a distinct sound. He said that he did want the audience to eventually realize they were in control. He couldn’t do it for the galleries but he wanted it to be that when you walked in, no one would be in the room so you would just see the instruments laying dormant. Having the effect that when you walked in the room they would start playing. Making itIMG_2972       obvious that when you were in the room the instruments would start playing but you didn’t know that you were in control. As you explore the space you would eventually have the realization. But for the galleries at CSULB it would IMG_2983of been to hard to coordinate it and have the full effect.

I felt that his gallery was very cool because its not the typical art you see hanging from a wall. It was very presentational and very pleasing with a bunch of surprises.

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